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About Ed

Ed Nuttall and his wife, Anne chose Fairfax County 30 years ago as the place they wanted to live and start a family. Fairfax County was the choice because it afforded their family the best opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Ed and Anne have raised three children and educated them in the Fairfax County Public Schools. Fairfax County was a safe and secure place. Ed believes that things have changed in those 30 years but the last 3 years have not been for the better. Growing up, Ed learned the Golden Rule; treat people as you would like to be treated. His abiding faith in hard work, fairness and equality before the law led him to a career practicing law here in the Commonwealth.

Ed was raised in a middle-class family. He learned the importance of fairness, community, and service from his parents at an early age and he’s carried that with him through his career. He understands people and engages with people in his service to the community and most importantly victims of crime.

It takes a trial lawyer to manage trial lawyers and that is the biggest reason the current Commonwealth’s Attorney has failed the people of Fairfax County. Ed is a respected and seasoned trial attorney who can successfully lead front line prosecutors. He has tried cases before judges and juries ranging from traffic matters to serious felonies, as well as all forms of civil cases. Ed currently works pro bono as a victim’s rights attorney in Fairfax when called upon to represent victims who believe they are being treated unfairly by the current prosecutor’s office.

When he’s not in the courtroom, Ed cares deeply about advocacy work around autism. He is a current board member of the Virginia Autism Project, and former Chairman of the Autism Speaks 5k and former Member of the Board of Directors for Autism Speaks, DC Chapter. He lives with his wife Anne of 29 years and their adult son, Owen, who is profoundly autistic, at their home in Centreville.

Ed believes that things have changed in those 30 years but the last 3 years have not been for the better.