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Endorsed by The Washington Post

“We favor defense attorney Ed Nuttall over incumbent Steve Descano...Mr. Nuttall has handled over 1000 cases and members of the bar and bench respect Mr. Nuttall."

"Mr. Descano's office has struggled with miscommunication and has blown an unacceptable number of winnable cases..botched multiple sexual assault cases..evidence wasn't properly handled"

"Criminal justice reform is here to stay, but we have to do it the right way. We can't wait around for Steve Descano to find the courage and competence to do his job. I'm running to return competence and professionalism to the Commonwealth's Attorney's office.”

State Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax)

“I know that Ed will make a fantastic Commonwealths’ Attorney because he’s an experienced trial lawyer that understands how the courtroom works, a lifelong Democrat committed to justice and equality in the law, and a respected member of the community that cares deeply for families in Fairfax County. I look forward to working with him in the legislature to make sure that Fairfax County Government gets back to functioning correctly for all citizens.”

Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid

“As a leader in the public safety community and as a domestic violence survivor, I am proud to support Ed Nuttall for Commonwealth’s Attorney. I have known Ed personally and professionally for many years, and can state with absolute certainty that he has the experience and the integrity needed to do the job. We are living in a time where criminal justice reform is on everyone’s mind. It’s not enough to simply talk about progress. It’s important that we make progress. To make progress, you have to have the competence to get real things done. The criminal justice system works best for victims, the accused, and the community at large when people who know how to do the job, collaborate toward the common goal of equity and justice. Ed is that person who will serve our community well.”

Brian Moran

Brian Moran

Former Secretary of Public Safety of Virginia

“Mr. Moran lauded Ed Nuttall as “ a former prosecutor and veteran trial attorney who is well respected by judges and lawyers and who understands a prosecutor’s duty to balance community safety with appropriate diversion resources for nonviolent offenses and those suffering with mental illness and addiction.

Ed understands the issues affecting our community and has the courtroom and management skills to implement meaningful, common sense criminal justice reform while making our community safer from violent offenders. Mr. Moran stated.”

Sheila Olem

Mayor Sheila Olem

Town of Herndon

“I hope it never happens again, but if another gunman shoots into a Herndon business, I want Ed Nuttall as the Commonwealth's Attorney. I know he will prosecute the gunman, unlike our current Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Ed Nuttall has the courtroom experience necessary to build a case and win - experiences our current Commonwealth's Attorney does not have.”

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Fraternal Order of Police


Megan MacLaughlin

School Board Member

Virginia Police Benevolent Association

Virginia Police Benevolent Association