March 2, 2023
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Nuttall Challenges Descano To Deliver Reforms on Child Sex Crimes Prosecution

“Victims of violent crime in Fairfax County deserve the leadership and results Steve Descano promised them. So far, he has delivered neither.” 

Fairfax, VA – Steve Descano remains silent on reforming the policy shortcomings revealed over a week ago by ABC 7 WJLA in which his own staff gave voice to serious concerns about his approach to sex crimes involving child victims.

Nuttall made the following statement: “Steve Descano was put on notice by his own staff that his approach to prosecuting sex crimes against minors places too much emphasis on the accused and too little on the victims.  Fairfax County deserves a prosecutor with at least as much courage as the victims. The promises made by candidate Descano have not been matched by the courage and competence necessary to do the job.

“Rather than deafening silence, Descano owes Fairfax County decisive action on this important matter.”